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Buyers should prepare to buy a home by prequalifying for a loan, selecting an agent, understanding the legal aspects of a purchase and sale and finally shopping for a home.

Inspections and Due Diligence

Today’s buyer is well advised to perform due diligence and inspections before being finally committed to closing the deal. Even if the Seller has performed those same inspections in advance they were not done in the Buyer’s behalf.

✔ Learn more about inspections and due diligence.

Legal Aspects

There are many aspects to buying a home. The most important are the legal aspects. Once understood, then all of the other aspects will fall into place.

✔ Learn more about the legal aspects to buying a home.

Moving In

Packing and disposing of clutter in preparation for the move often gets this process started. The more pre-packing and pre-planning done in advance of closing the less stress there is when it is time to move.

✔ Learn more about how best to prepare for moving in to your new home.

How Long Does It Take To Buy A Home?

The shopping phase can vary in time from days to months based upon a Buyer’s needs, desires and market supply. The Escrow process is typically 30-45 days until closing.

✔ Learn more about the home purchase timeline.

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